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Father and Son

Evolving with the Times

We are committed to providing a safe environment for even our most vulnerable clients.

Infection controls procedures are always an important part of our clinic and these have been upgraded to include a one-touch policy and meticulous regular cleaning protocols. Following current Association guidelines for healthcare settings your practitioner will be wearing a masks during physical treatments. You are welcome to wear a mask, but it is not currently mandatory.

Other ways we working around COVID-19 

  • Practitioners are fully vaccinated and only attend clinic in excellent health.

  • We are leaving more time between appointments to allow for thorough cleaning and airing of the room. This also ensures there is no cross-over between clients.

  • Online consultations are available via Zoom. This includes Myotherapy where you'll be surprised how much assistance you get for mobility and pain relief via directed self-massage, movement coaching and exercise prescription.

  • If you are unwell at the time of a scheduled appointment, you can reschedule without charge or transfer to an online consultation.

  • We are, of course, also encouraging and assisting people in taking care of their overall health and minimising risks where they can.

  • If you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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