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Naturopathic & Functional Healthcare

Healthcare that sees you, not just your symptoms

Its the everyday things- little things that add up to make the biggest difference. We help you clarify, strengthen and build resilience.

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A Collaborative, Whole-person, Pro-active Approach.

Strategy Session

This is a 20 minute phone conversation (non-billed) that is the first step in us working together. You'll be sent a short questionnaire to fill out before the appointment. From there we'll discuss your health aims or challenges, how I may be able to help. Its an opportunity to see if we're a good fit and answer questions you have about the process. 

20 mins (phone) | No fee


Gathering & Analyzing

Following our strategy session, we delve into your health history and get a full picture of your current needs. The more details you can provide the better. You'll be sent forms to fill prior to an hour long session together. I then spend 45-60 minutes collating and mapping all the information you have given me and draft a Health Plan.

60 min appointment + 45 mins homework | $175

Health Plan & Recommendations

In our third session we discuss your personal Health Plan and equip you with the tools to take control of your health. Through education, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and tailoured changes to your diet and lifestyle we set you up for success on your road to new health.

6o min appointment (in-person or Telehealth) + Follow-up call and email support | $125

What Is Holistic Medicine?


The realm of natural, holistic and functional medicine is broad and eclectic. Practitioners can vary widely in their approach so its good to 'shop around' and find one that's a good fit for you.  We offer short introductory sessions either in person or online to make that process easier- we want this to work for you.


Ours is a blend of Naturopathy, Functional Medicine and Health Coaching. This is complementary care that works very well with other modalities, whether it be your G.P, Psychologist, Myotherapist or Physio. We don't diagnose or treat disease as such. Instead we support and encourage the innate processes of management, growth and repair within the body, and support you to navigate the changes required to promote health in the real world.  

Thorough listening and questioning, diet and sleep diaries, nutritional analysis and physical assessments inform our treatment strategies and help develop your health plan. Functional pathology tests can be ordered if further clarification is needed.  The results of these are then read and interpreted within the context of your health history. If you have any recent pathology results, please bring them along with you.

At Vitality Lab we believe strongly in 'evidence-informed' medicine. This means being discerning of all health information that comes our way- reading current research, analysing trends and learning from clinical outcomes to continually question and refine our treatment. It also means looking for the evidence of what specifically does and doesn't work for you. Meal plans, lifestyle tweaks, nutritional supplements and herbal medicine may form part of your treatment. Minimal, targeted prescribing is the benchmark- not sending you home with an expensive bag of supplements to just cover all the bases.


It is our heart-felt drive to treat holistically by identifying patterns of illness, removing barriers for healing and addressing the underlying causes of dis-ease. For many people, this different approach to health can offer a new perspective and awareness- allowing you to take more control in your own health. We would love the opportunity to work with you. We aim to develop strong therapeutic relationships and arm you with the skills and knowledge to maintain your own good health.   Schedule an intro session to see if it's the right fit for you...

Holistic Medicine can assist with-​

  • Chronic health conditions- particularly if you feel like you have tried everything

  • Mental health- coping with stress, anxiety and mild depression

  • Hormone care- particularly menopausal transition symptoms (perimenopause) and period problems

  • Painful joints, inflammation, headaches

  • Seasonal allergies

  • Digestive issues and food intolerance

  • Exhaustion, fatigue and brain fog


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